25 Reasons to Never Give Up

1)  This, too, shall pass.

2)  One day you will use this experience to help someone else.

3)  There is no such thing as a “normal” person. There has never been anybody like you, and there never will be again.  The world needs your voice and vision.

4)  Nobody said life would be easy.  It’s tough for all of us at times.  Don’t let the smiles of the world around you fool you.  Everybody’s fighting something.

5)  If you don’t fulfill your purpose, then who?

6)  Nobody ever said after a victory, “I wish I had given up.”

7)  It doesn’t rain forever. The sun ALWAYS shines again.

8) Everybody deserves a fighting chance.  YOU are no exception.

9)  Somebody you love is counting on you.

10) For every moment that you persevere, you are getting stronger and stronger.

11) Whatever you are going through, you’re going through it for a reason.

12) If you have failed at something, GOOD. It’s well known that the most successful people in the world have had the most failures because they NEVER gave up. Keep trying. Your time WILL come.

13) There IS light at the end of every tunnel. Even if you can’t see it yet, it’s there. Keep moving forward, do the right thing… and the light will find YOU.

14) Regardless of what your mind is telling you, you are valuable. You are valuable. YOU ARE VALUABLE.

15) The most wonderful things in life tend to happen at the moment you’re about to give up.

16) The hardest things in life teach us the most. See this struggle as a chance to grow into a better and stronger person rather than just something you must needlessly suffer through.

17) A child in your life is watching you.

18) A year from now you will look back on this as something that you endured and survived.  No pain lasts forever.

19) We don’t get to choose our lessons in life, but we do get to choose whether or not we learn from them.  Choose to LEARN.

20) You are NOT alone.  There isn’t a feeling that you’re experiencing that hasn’t been felt by countless people before you. It’s the complex human condition. Ride it out.

21) No person is worth your giving up. NO PERSON. If you have been deceived by someone, it is their problem. NOT YOURS.

22) Everything in the universe is interconnected.  For every person who gives up the fight, humanity suffers a little.

23) Pain isn’t a detour from the journey, it’s part of it. We all have pain somewhere along our path. Keep walking and one day you’ll discover you’ve moved beyond it.

24) Your life has purpose, you just need to be patient with yourself while you are discovering it.

25) God has a plan for your life and you giving up ISN’T IT.




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